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sweet dreams and flying machines [entries|friends|calendar]

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[02 Jul 2005|09:03pm]
Who else thinks Cawowyn should visit??

I think Cawowyn should visit.

I also have to sneeze.

[16 Apr 2005|11:43pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I hate myself.

I'm not dead, just college bound... [03 Mar 2005|10:43pm]
I got into Adelphi University. Be proud.

[24 Sep 2004|10:50pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Been a while since I used this thing, but I thought it'd be good to let you all know that I'm not dead.

So...I'm not dead. Got a bad cold though.

Oh oh! Carolyn's 17 now! So happy belated to my bestest friend!

And now I'm done.

[18 Jun 2004|11:37pm]
Going to California. Then England. Be back July 5th. Will miss you all.

[03 May 2004|10:41pm]
I saw Eileen twice today. Are you jealous? I think you are.

[29 Mar 2004|10:47pm]
So I told McMahon I'd do the literary magazine thing. I have to go see Mr. Rooney about it tomorrow since he runs it. I'm really questioning my writing at this point. I've never liked to show my work to other people. I have no confidence. I don't have anything to show him anyway. All my old poetry is lost and it wasn't all that amazing to begin with.

I made my schedule for next term today. It's weird. I'll be a senior next year. I'm taking English Honors, Government, Health and Play Production. I think I might change English to AP Literature and I'm debating College Now.

Oh and my mom said I could go see Wicked. Yay on me. Okay, that's enough.

-runs off to write some crappy Harry Potter fanfiction-

going through the motions... [29 Mar 2004|01:30am]
[ mood | working ]

Okay, so why hasn't Kate been updating? Simple. Kate's a lazy ass. Nothing too excited has happened since we last met. I'm in the process of reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. My mommy also ordered me Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, so that should be coming soon.

My English teacher wants me to join the literary magazine at our school. I've never heard of the damn thing before, so I assume it's just as bad as our newspaper. Plus I don't think I'm going to do all that well. We shall see what happens.

Oh, my report card sucked this marking period. Fucking Palazzo.

Wow, wasn't that a great waste of everybody's time? I think so...

is it normal to sneeze when you look at the sun? [04 Mar 2004|08:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I stayed home today. Horrible stomach cramps. Didn't get to hug Estelle as planned, which is sad. Hmm...I don't have anything interesting to write about. I never really have anything interesting to write about. I need a good book to read. Any suggestions?

And now here's a great quiz thing for you to take, which was stolen from cowboy_slightly--

Which Harry Potter Guy Will Knock You Up? by jazzedsoprano
The FatherFred...or George...or both
How/Why it happensYou were horny
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

I like it!!

British accents are hot.

[02 Mar 2004|09:44pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Guess who's going to Europe this summer? That'd be Kate. Wohoo.

i need new icons [29 Feb 2004|10:37pm]
[ mood | restless ]

I'm bored...won't you please amuse me?

[08 Feb 2004|09:59pm]
I have no life. That is all.

-stabs school schedule- [02 Feb 2004|09:47pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Haven't updated in a while, but here I am again.

Last week I had the English regents, which I found out I passed. That's good. Wish I had done better on it though. Only an 81. Hmm..I spent some time with Joanna. Slept over. Fun times. We were in a boybandish mood, so we spent our time watching concerts while mocking them mercilessly. We also colored/painted, making Joanna a lovely Head Girl sign, so she could feel all Harry Potter-like. Oh, and her parents started a wave at the dinner table. It was amusing.

So today was the first day back to school. I loathe my schedule like no one will ever understand. I have the hardest history teacher ever and I'm pretty sure my average is fucked. History was one of my best subjects too. Not fair, I say. The bloody school also gave me cartooning. I can't draw nor do I have the desire to. Still not fair.

Happily, the day was salvaged when I returned home. Carolyn's birthday present for me arrived. The cutest Casper shirt in the world. I love it. Also, my mommy let me order the Anne of Green Gables Trilogy Boxset. I love those movies. Well, the first two at least. I haven't seen the third one and everyone says it sucks. I don't mind so much. I have a strange attraction to Gilbert, so watching him in a sucky movie is no problem.

100 bad movies--stole this from a random person [18 Jan 2004|05:07pm]
100Collapse )

The ones I've seen are in bold.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EILEEN!!!!! [14 Jan 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Today I had my first final-- AP Biology. My whole table was cheating, it was quite amusing. I gave Joanna a burned copy of the Peter Pan soundtrack and then after school I went with Sam to get a bag. It was odd because they had them all in the back room and the lady would have to get out her key and sneak you in. Much like drug dealing. Then we ate McDonalds. They have Philly cheese steaks there now. I was very excited though it wasn't the best I've eaten. Then I got home and slept until like 8:30 and took a shower. I only just found out Sam left me a message around 1:40, but I don't know if it's too late to call her. I can just ask her about it tomorrow, I suppose. Got more birthday money and am now about to kill myself. I cannot write this history essay for my life. Then after this I have to study for precalculus, which in all honesty I probably won't do. Even though I really, really should. Ah well.

Happy birthday again, Eileen. -hug-

happy birthday to meee [13 Jan 2004|09:22pm]
Okay, so today was my birthday--17 now! I got many hugs and a cake from Rohma. 'Twas fun. My mommy (despite previous statements saying I would not be getting anything) gave me the Peter Pan soundtrack, rubber duckie pants, cloud robe and froggie socks. She said my "real" present would be coming later on. In fact, most of my family said my present would be late. Except my Aunt Heather. She got me this really cool candle bear. My Aunt Mary would sing to me every year, but this time around she didn't. I think it's cause she doesn't have Aunt Betty around anymore to help her. My dad didn't even attempt to call. Quite depressing. Hmmm...finals this week. Don't wanna study. -frown-

oh, the cleverness of me... [12 Jan 2004|09:52pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Today I got to see Peter Pan again with Joanna! It was very exciting even if the words and mouth movements didn't always match up. I went back home after that and spent the rest of the evening doing Sarah's science project. I'm such an amazing sister. Tomorrow's my birthday, so I expect wonderful presents from all. Hugs work too. My mom says she's not getting me anything. Thanks mom. I can't believe I'm going to be 17. It doesn't feel like it at all.

Oh, and then Eileen's birthday is the day after, so happy pre-birthday wishes to her. :)

[08 Jan 2004|06:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Today we got the results back for the PSATs. Took them long enough. I got a 1080, which I suppose it okay for not studying. I miss Peter Pan. That is all...

i like the waterfall... [05 Jan 2004|03:57pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

So here's the vacation to California according to Kate:

The plane ride there was long and for the most part boring. They did show Finding Nemo though, so that was a plus. We got there and exchanged presents (Carolyn got me a Celtic knot ring and the Pippin soundtrack and Joanna made really cool SSP shirts for all of us. I got them Harry Potter scarves, Mickey and Minnie pants and burned CDs.) and then got a tour of the house and grounds. Then it was Peter Pan time. Wow, Jeremy Sumpter. So hot yet so fourteen.

Next day was bum around day since we had jet lag and all. We watched a lot of Degrassi (Joanna discovered her love for both the show and Jake Epstein) and then headed off to In-n-Out (Great food, hot guys).

Sunday we were originally going to go to the zoo, but ended up at Sea World instead. The dolphins were cool and we got to pet one. We also found this rather attractive boy we decided to name Joshua Tristan Perche because we are sad, sad people. Joanna was more smitten than the me or Carolyn and was all too excited when we ran into him a few times. We also took really cool postcard pictures in this photo booth.

We saw Peter Pan again the next day because once is certainly not enough. That day Joanna broke the house and it flooded. We had to spend the night at the Temporary Living Quarters (We went to their vending machines quite a bit). There was a small fight about sleeping arrangements and we ended up all sleeping in the same bed because no one wanted to be by themselves.

The next morning Carolyn's mommy and brother, Andrew, went with us to IHOP for breakfast/lunch. Then we went back the TLC and organized Carolyn's CD collection. Andrew came back to pick us up and we went with him and his friend, Bailey, to the beach. It was so pretty. We played this Harry Potter alphabet game. We stayed at the Living Quarters again.

New Year's Eve was spent at the zoo with Andrew and Bailey. Animals aren't really my thing, but a lot of them were really cute. I loved the otters. We were able to go back to Carolyn's house and had some Chinese food. Joanna and Carolyn decided they should play dress up and I was perfectly content in my duckie pants. We watched some Family Guy and then the ball drop.

Then came my favorite part of the trip--Disneyland! We went on the Peter Pan ride first, which made me very happy. Joanna listed all the rides we went on, which I should have done because now I can't really remember. I got Sam's Christmas present and myself this really cool shirt. We spent a really long time waiting for Splash Mountain, but we used our perverted, yet amusing wit for entertainment. We really annoyed the guys behind us too. But that's okay because one of them had on a really bad hat. We got to stay at the Disneyland Hotel, which had this awesome Tinker Bell boarder.

Next day was spent at California Adventure (after we went to Disneyland again for the Haunted Mansion and to buy Eileen and Estelle's presents). It was rainy, so we decided the first thing we should do it go on a water ride that soaked us. Freaking geniuses, we are. I went on my first real roller coaster, which was great. We left early because we were wet and disgruntled.

On our last full day we went shopping. I got a baby Animal (Muppet Babies) shirt, two Billabong shirts, new sneakers and a watch with three straps. There was this really cool guy at the last store, Jon. I miss him. Anyway, that night we packed, streaked Joanna's hair (that was interesting), watched more Degrassi and 2Gether. We were going to stay up all night, but that didn't work out too well.

Then it was time to go home. I slept through most of the plane ride and got a yummy cake when I got home. I didn't go to school today because I was tired and sick. I'm still sick. It's not fun. My mom said I could stay home tomorrow as well, but I don't know.

[04 Jan 2004|06:10pm]
Back from San Diego. Update more later. Too tired now.

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